Fishing Charters: Added Extras You Should Consider

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If you enjoy fishing, there is no better way to relax than booking a fishing charter and heading out on the water with your buddies. A standard fishing charter will supply you with a boat and a captain which you can use for a fixed duration. However, many fishing charter companies also offer added extras. Below is a guide to some of the added extras you should consider when booking a fishing charter.

Food and Drink

Fishing can be thirsty work and the sea air can stimulate your appetite. While most fishing charters are happy for you to bring your own food and drink along, some also offer onboard catering services. This means you don't have to worry about carrying supplies with you on your day out. You can simply turn up, set sail and start fishing. There will be a supply of drinks and snacks on the boat and may also include a meal for you and friends.

Whale Watching

If you are charting a boat in waters which contain whales, you may be able to arrange a break in your fishing trip so you and your friends can do some whale watching. When it comes to life which lives below the waves, there is nothing as impressive as seeing a whale, and while you may not be allowed to catch one, the memories will last forever.

Seamanship Lessons

If you have always wanted to captain a boat, a fishing charter may be the ideal time to do it. For an extra fee, you can organise lessons with a fully trained captain who will teach you how to manoeuvre and navigate the vessel on the open water. Under the captain's supervision, you can sail out the fishing ground and drop anchor, before commanding the vessel on the return trip back to port.


If you do not own your own fishing equipment or if you do not fancy carrying all of your fishing rods and other gear down to the docks, you can request a fishing charter which is fully fitted with rods, lines, bait and all of the other equipment which you will need for a successful and enjoyable fishing trip. 

If you would like to book a fishing charter with added extras, you should contact a company which specialises in organising recreational and sporting activities. A member of staff will be happy to discuss your needs before making the necessary arrangements.

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