How to Live Your Life Effectively If You Are a Modern-Day Digital Nomad with a Family

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More Australians than ever are choosing to turn their back on the rat race and take control of their own future. They are opting to become self-employed and often earn their living online, which has coined a new phrase in the Australian language – "digital nomad." If you are one of their number, have a small family to take care of, but truly want to embrace the freedom that your new life affords you, then you may want to travel around this great land. However, you will quickly find that going from hotel to motel has its own drawbacks. How should you proceed instead?

Right Type of Vehicle

To enable you to lead the ultimate digital nomad life with your family, you should seriously consider the purchase of a camper trailer. This will make your life so much easier on many fronts and ensure that the rest of your clan is happy with their life on the open road.


There are so many advantages, not the least of which is the fact that you won't need to be unpacking and packing every couple of days while you move from an apartment to a hostel to a hotel. This could take up a lot of your time to say nothing about messing with your frame of mind. With a camper trailer, you simply extend the roof and pull out your beds and don't need to worry about unpacking at all.


If you have small children, then you may have opted to homeschool them and in this case, you will have a familiar environment each day to help you. You won't have to search for a coffee shop here or there in the middle of a day, as this is hardly conducive to an ideal learning environment.


Many people choose to kit out their trailer with solar panels these days, so that they can be really self-sufficient. They simply add this cost to their vehicle purchase and while this can represent an initial outlay, it's going to more than pay for itself versus the cost of accommodation in hotels or similar places. When you take into account the savings associated with self-catering as well, you should be in good shape financially.


Finally, don't underestimate the impact on small children, who while they may be quite adaptable, will still prefer to have a more permanent home. If you are going from property to property then it may take them some time to get used to a strange bed and by the time they do so, you are on to the next place.

Making Your Choice

When you sit down and weigh up all the benefits associated with this form of transportation, it's easy to see why it is the perfect vehicle for the modern-day digital nomad. Have a word with your caravan supplier to see what model is right for you.

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